Clarification on how to make a donation

We have been asked by a branch member to clarify the arrangements for donations

These can be made directly to the branch, please send to;

Mrs Doris Watson,
Church Wynd,
DL8 2JE.

Cheque(s) to be made payable to “Hambleton & Richmondshire MS Society.

Or To Head Office,
MS Society,
372 Edgware Road,

Any funds sent to Head Office, unless it states that the funds are to be passed to Hambleton & Richmondshire Branch, are used as general funds by Head Office.
Cheques should be made payable to “MS Society”.
If you wish any monies to be used for a specific purpose i.e. Research, please write a note to that effect.

If appropriate please ask for a Gift Aid form.

09/04/17 - £901 donated by Sue Cliffe after completing a Mini Triathlon in Skipton.

Doris did a talk for Carthorpe Methodist and received a £70 donation

December 2015 - Melva and Felicity went to Middleham before Christmas to collect the cheque for £1000 that Bettys had kindly donated.

October 2015 - £200.00 from the Lions Club, Northallerton.

October 2015 - Private Donation of £200.00

October 2015 - £50.00 from T.Howden.

September 2015 - £20.00 from Karen Jack &Children (balance of Garden Party - August).

September 2015 - £720.83 Funeral donation.

£300 from Jeff Forster, landlord of the Old Horn, Spennithorne ..... Read more

£1516.41 raised for MS by Mervyn Wilmington Who rode “The Prudential Ride, London, Surrey 2015.

£85,70 rsised by Chrissie Grimston from a Garden Party ..... Read more

On behalf of the Branch, Barbara Wilmington receives £300 from Jeff Forster, landlord of the Old Horn, Spennithorne. The money was kindly raised and donated by the quiz teams at the Old Horn.

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Pictured : Charlie, Georgina, Harry, Granny Karen, Millie, Evie, Issobella. My friend Karen Jack decided to organise a Garden Party with her Grandchildren because she's not managed to get to see me after my operation, due to looking after her grandchildren. As a group effort they baked cakes, scones & biscuits, raffle, bric a brac & books, nail painting, ice cream stall, drinks & cakes! Lovely afternoon! Between them they raised an amazing £85.70. Big thank you goes to the above.

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